Types of Tourism

Rural tourism

Maramures is considered to be the heart and soul of rural Romania. The narrow streets of tiny villages, surrounding hills, meadows of flowers and hay stacks, the peasants dressed in festive clothing or working on the field, the cows returning from the pasture at sunset and the buckets of freshly milked dairy, they all contribute to the picturesque charm of life in the countryside. Those who wish to become familiar with the world of Maramures villages are invited to sleep in a rural bed and breakfast, taste traditional food and participate in the everyday life of locals, learning some of the secrets of old crafts.


Rural tourism is not the only opportunity Maramureş has to offer. Hikers and mountain trekkers can take in Maramureş’s breathtaking landscapes which are accessible through a large network of trails. Those fond of winter sports can enjoy the skiing for all ability levels in Cavnic, Mogoşa, Şuior, Izvoare or Borşa.


Because of its location, Maramures offers a wide range of tourism types. If you feel like you need more adrenaline, you can choose an off-road, paragliding or escalade tour or you can go rafting on one of the rivers. You just have to be open to new experiences!

Cultural heritage

Are you interested in the cultural heritage? You won’t be disappointed about it either. Maramures exudes history and old civilization, customs and testimonies of the past. The large museums in Baia Mare and Sighetu Marmaţiei are not the only cultural attractions in the area. Keep your eyes open for the many small treasures that can be found in tiny village museums and memorial houses. You might even stumble upon a fine collection of old books or icons painted on wood and glass that are tucked away in a remote village church.

Distinctive wooden architecture clearly distinguishes Maramureş from other regions in Romania. In particular, ornately carved wooden gates convey an undeniable local identity to this land. Maramureş is also home to many old wooden churches which have been visited and admired by people from all over the world. These special monuments, particularly the 8 UNESCO World Heritage churches, are the focus of this guide. We invite you to travel along the scenic byways of Maramures to discover these magnificent churches and their interesting and unique histories.

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