About Me


My name is Alexandra Laz─âr and I am qualified local guide always ready to welcome you to the north-western part of Romania, called Maramures!

Why hire a private guide and why me?

Because I know every little inch of this land and I want you to have the time of your life here! I will be your host during your stay so you won’t have to worry about anything.

I will plan everything in detail for you and I will create a personalized program according to your requests and interests. I will also recommend specific sights and activities in order to see and understand life in Maramures.

Whether you would like to peek inside a traditional village house to see how peasants live, or visit the old wooden churches or maybe enjoy the beauty of nature and explore it through adventure activities or take a ride with the Steam Train on Vaser Valley, I will make sure everything goes smoothly and your trip here will be unforgettable!

See you in Maramures, the land where time stays still!

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